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      KMM Charitable Trust
Member of American Geriatrics Society and Geriatrics Society of   India, Authorized Agency for Certification under GSCC, United Kingdom

     Late  Mathew J.      Kollemparambil


Blessed are the Aged. Care them well & bring home harmony”


    There have always been large hearted individuals who thought of themselves as Trustees of their wealth and wanted to set apart them for the welfare of the needy and deserving Late Mr Mathew J Kollamparambil of Thalayolapaarambu in Kottayam District, Kerala has been such a noble man who willed that a substantial portion of his valuable assets be utilized for religious and charitable purposes.

    Mathew J Kollamparambil affectionately called Mathachan was born on 25 March 1901 in the rich and aristocratic Kalappurakkalaya Kollamparambil family of Thalayolaparambu as the son of Ouseph Kuruvila Annamma hailing from Vattathara Mundadan family of Nayorambalam, Narakkal. Shri. Mathew has been a bachelor. He died at Lisy Hospital Ernakulam on 18 April 1979

   After brilliant academic career at St. Alosious College, Mangalore, Sri Mathew returned to his native village Thalayolaparambu and become an agriculturist and planter. However he lived most of his time at Kalpaka Bungalow Perumannoor Ernakulam. He has been a scholar in church history and legal matters. He was also a profound lover of art, culture, football and photography. A dynamic and magnetic personality who loved his people most sincerely and gifted many assets liberally to his near relatives, dependents and for religious and charitable purposes. Unfortunately his upright nature, vision of life, warmth and affection were not understood properly by very many.

    During his life time, he donated about 40 acres of his valuable land for establishing the Mercy Hospital, the sevagram, the SOS Children’s village, the Avedana Bhavan (Hospice), the residential complex for the aged priests, and the Adoration Convent at Pothy near Thalayolaparambu, and the Nazerath Convent at thalayolaparambu. A spacious and beautiful bungalow owned by Mathew at Bangalore , has also been gifted to the Salesian Fathers  of Don Bosco for organizing welfare programs for street children.

To fulfill the expressed will of Sri Mathew, setting apart valuable assets for charitable purposes, his maternal uncle’s grandson Prof V.J. Pappoo, formerly Pro-Vice Chancellor, Cochin and Calicut Universities has been appointed as the sole Trustee of the Assets and Executor of the will. The Hon’ble High Court of Kerala has also granted probate to Prof. V.J. Pappoo.


The centre provides facilities for emotional, physical and mental well-being of Senior Citizens through curative, preventive, medical and psychological services. A variety of programs organized here utilizing the wisdom, experience and expertise  of Senior Citizens in their respective fields of activity for the common good of the public is one of the unique features of this Centre. Housed in a beautiful, specious building complex , blended with traditional and modern architecture in a well laid out campus at Pettah Junction with in Cochin Corporation Limits. 

The centre is conceived as an International Centre for effective collaboration with national and international organizations for the welfare of senior citizens. The centre also intends to provide a comfortable and accommodating meeting point for individuals and organizations working in the field

KMM International Centre for Senior Citizens and Geriatric Hospital is sponsored by KMM Educational & Charitable Trust,  constituted in memory    of late Mathew J. Kollemparambil, a great humanitarian   and visionary      and    is  dedicated for the welfare of senior citizens

                         CHARITY INTERNATIONAL, KERALA

    The Charity International Kerala is a company incorporated under Sec.25 of the Indian Companies Act. The management and further project of the International Centre, the Geriatric Hospital and the college of HRD and consultancy are entrusted with this Company to ensure perpetual successions, legal entity, and transparency. As the company is registered under section 25, the total income of the company will have to be utilized fully for further growth and development of the institutions maintained earlier and for future projects.

Prof V.J. Pappoo, the sole Trustee of Mathew J Kollamparambil Trust is the Managing Director of the company without accepting any remuneration. The board of Directors of the Company will be further expanded with other eminent persons who are interested in the cause of senior citizens.

                                     PROPOSED PROJECTS

                       KMM SENIORS PARK AT ERNAKULAM

  •   200 Senior Citizens friendly apartments/villas.

  •  Daycare centre of Senior Citizens.

  •  Recreation Club with facilities for regular exercise,     indoor       &              outdoor games

  •  Guest house for the stay of children, near relatives and friends of the      residents.

  • A full-fledged Geriatric Hospital, With Medical, Surgical, and Ayurveda Departments

  • A post graduate research and study centre on Geriatrics and Gerontechnology.

  • A Geriatric Nursing College

  • Specialized Degree Course in Gerontechnology, Geriatrics and counselling

  • A language institute for offering courses in foreign Languages.

  • An institute of Photography and Hobbies.

  • A consultancy cell, headed by Senior Citizens to provide consultancy and guidance services in the area of management, health and Social welfare.


200 villas to Senior Citizens belonging to upper/middle class.

200 residential units for economically weaker senior citizens and widows.

Day Care Centre and Recreation Club for Senior Citizens.

A Community Centre for conducting socio cultural functions and marriages especially of poor people

For more details, Please contact

Prof V.J. Pappoo, Managing Trustee

KMM Educational and Charitable Trust

V M Residency, Pettah

Poonithura PO, Kochi 682038