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      KMM Charitable Trust
Member of American Geriatrics Society and Geriatrics Society of   India, Authorized Agency for Certification under GSCC, United Kingdom
                                      ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS

        a)  MBBS or any other degree in any branch of medicine
              including Dentistry Ayurveda or Alternate medicine

        b)  A Degree in Physiotherapy

        c)  A Degree/ Diploma in Nursing or any other
             paramedical subjects

        d)  BSW,  MSW or equivalent qualifications

       e)  Motivation for taking up self employment/ employment in the               area of Geriatrics, geriatric Care and related areas.

                       REGISTRATION FOR THE COURSE :

Candidates having the prescribed qualifications can register for the course on any date in a year, being a distance education program offered through correspondence. The period of 6 months duration of the course will be reckoned only from the date of registration on payment of the first insallment of the course fees.