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                                   Project Work

A  project report  on a revelant subject is to be submitted by the candidates within a month from the date of completion of the Final examination as part fulfillment of the course . Necessary guidance for the same will be provided by the Academy .Project reports are to be submitted in duplicate . One copy of the same will be returned to the candidates duly certified by the Academy.

A candidate who fails to submit the project report will be considered as not completed the examination.  PG Diploma and the mark sheet shall be awarded to the candidates only after satisfactory submission of the Project Report to the Academy.  Specimen copy of the Diploma Certificate and Mark Sheet can be seen from this web site.

Preparation and submission of a Project Report on a topic of relevance is one of the most important essential requirements for the successful completion of the course, besides clearing of nine papers through the final examination.

Candidates are therefore requested to commence their project work at the earliest.  It may be noted that in addition to obtaining the certificate from the KMM Academy, it is all the more essential to have a certified copy of the project report submitted by you, since this will create a better impression about the competency and knowledge of the candidates concerned, when they are called for interview.  Thus, specialized attention is required for the preparation of the project report by the candidates.

Guidelines for the preparation of the project report.

1.      Candidates are free to conduct the study where they are presently working or any other place of their choice where care and protection are provided to senior citizens viz Old Age Homes, Geriatric wing of a hospital, Physio-therapy centers, Dental Clinics, or any place where old aged patient consultations are available or in a specified local body.

2.      Candidates are also free to conduct the study on any relevant topic in the area of Geriatrics and related areas viz.

  •   Social problems faced by the senior citizens

  • Problems related to food habits / Nutrition

  • Social insecurity and financial handicaps

  • Ailments at old age

  • Nursing solutions for the aged

  • Psycho-medical problems of the elderly

  • Psychological and physiological problems of the aged

  • Physiotherapy for geriatric immobility

  • Yoga therapy and benefits for better living in  old age

  • Dependency evolved out of aging, accidents, diseases, etc.

  • Problems specifically faced by the spinster groups at their old age and suggestions to overcome, etc. etc.

3.            More than 300 project reports submitted by earlier candidates are available in our   office for references.

4.            All candidates are requested to start preparations well in advance, so that the  project report is submitted to the Academy before appearing for the final examination. This will help us to evaluate your answer papers and the project work simultaneously, and early publication of the results

5.            Sample  Size

a)         You may collect data from a minimum of 30 –40 candidates if case study approach is followed.  The sample must represent male and female of different age groups

b)           Please collect data from 40-50 candidates if survey method is followed. The sample must represent male and female candidates belonging to different  income and age groups

6.        Supervising  Guide
You may choose any competent person as your  Guide  preferably the Head of the Dept  where the study is conducted

7.        Presentation of the Report
      The project  Report needs to be neatly typed or DTP work done. Candidates are    also free to incorporate photographs or pictures relating to the topic selected for the project. Two copies of the same are to be submitted in spiral or book binding  form. One copy will be returned to the candidate duly certified by the Academy

A list of   sample project reports submitted by earlier candidates is given below. They are available in our office for reference.

A Homoeopathic Approach to Osteoarthritis Dr. Ashraf Ali
Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint Dr. Bhavdeep Singh
Role of Acupuncture in Osteoarthritis in Elderly

Dr. D. Harishkumar

Comparison between the Effects of Short-wave Diathermy Dr. Ronald Prabhu

pain in Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint for Geriatric Patients Periarthritis of shoulders

Seethal Joseph
Physiotherapy in Geriatric Immobility Meena Mary Mathew
Pain Management in Geriatrics

Saibu PhiliP

Multiple Sclerosis

Romy George

Pulmonary Rehabilitation for the Geriatric Dr. Reshma Suvarna
Geriatric immobility and Therapeutic Rehabilitation

Jibu Jacob

Cerebro Vascular Accidents in Elderly Predisposing Dr. Kiruthiga Viswanathan
Factors, Diagnosis, Management and Rehabilitation Effectiveness of General strengthening exercises K. Thomas Jefferson
for the improvement of mobility in Geriatric People A study of Geriatric Nursing and possible Biji Prakasan
Nursing solutions for most  commonly faced Psycho-medical problems
faced by elderly
A study of Elder Abuse and Neglect
Robert Paul. M
Comparative study of  life satisfaction of elderly Selna Mathews  male and female individual staying at old age homes Parkinson Disease and management Dr. R . Tulasi Roa
Dental care for Elderly Raji George
Study of clinical profile of heart failure in

Rana Fatima