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1. Ageing  Global Scenario : This century  has been witness to a silent revolution – unseen unheard and yet so close . The biggest achievement of the century is longevity .All over the world life expectancy has risen ,leading to a sharp rise in the number of older persons .Twenty percent of all humans who have ever lived past the age 65 are alive today

A landmark 1993 study by Duke University found that the percentage of older Americans in better health is growing at a greater rate than the percentage of those with disabilities Beteween 1960 and 1990 while the overall US population grew 39%  the ranks of those 85 and older jumped 232% ( the over 65 group increased 89% while the under 25 increased by only 13%) . Achild born today who lives to age 65 is ten times more likely to reach 100 than people born a century ago .

The population of the world in 1995 was 5.7 billion .The number will rise to reach 10.8 billion by 2050 .Between 1995 and 2000 it has been estimated that 8.1 million people were added to the world population each year . As per United Nations projections ,the likely futureb scenario of world population  .

The number of senior citizens has been constantly increasing in India also  .From only 12 million persons 60+ in India in 1901 the number crossed 24 million in 1951 and 57 million in 1991 . Population projections for 1996- 2016 made bt the Technical group on population projections (1996) indicate that the 100 million mark  is expected to be reached in 2013 . Projections beyond 2016 made by the United Nations (1996 Revision ) has indicated that India will have 198 million persons 60 + in 2020 and 326 million in 2050 .

Geriatrics being an emerging field and Geriatric services and specialized services to senior citizens in a scientific way being relatively new, there is dearth of qualified personnel in the field.

A number of new institutions for the care and protection of the elderly are likely to be established in the years to come. 



Therefore, Doctors, nursing staff, medical support staff and social work personnel acquiring additional qualifications in the area of Geriatric services and Gerontechnology may have better employment /self employment opportunities in India and abroad.

The medical speciality of Geriatrics began in Western countries for the medical    and psychological support of the senior citizens.  This specialization has been a necessity in those countries due to the social and family environment prevailing there. The modern family set up in India too warrants the increased  need for Geriatric Care as one of the most important fields of Medicine, Nursing , Physiotherapy  and social work professions. The 6 months PG Diploma Programme is treated as "ADAPTATION PROGRAMME" in many foreign countries. 240 hrs credit is given to  those who have taken a Diploma in Geriatric Care .                         
                        UNIQUENESS OF THE COURSE

a)   Distance education program so that candidates  from anywhere may be able to register for the course 

b)     On-line Examination in order to enable  candidates residing in different places to appear for the examination with out coming to the office of the Academy at Kochi

c)     Examinations are arranged every month at the Kochi centre of the academy for the benefit of those who do not prefer On Line Examination system

d)  Contact classes are conducted by experts as and when the need arises

e)  Study materials prepared by experts are  sent by speed post to  all the candidates registered for the course .

f)   The question papers will have multiple choice & short answer question mostly from the study materials .