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Member of American Geriatrics Society and Geriatrics Society of   India, Authorized Agency for Certification under GSCC, United Kingdom

   KMM Academy of Health Sciences is the HRD Division of the KMM Educational & Charitable Trust (Regd), a Trust incorporated for undertaking various educational and charitable activities. The Academy established in the year 2003 now concentrates fully on offering PG Diploma course in Geriatric Care to meet the requirements of personnel required in this emerging area of Geriatric Care. About 400 candidates belonging to different disciplines have already obtained PG Diploma in Geriatric Care. Quite a sizable number of them are gainfully employed in different parts of the world.

This is a multidisciplinary centre dedicated for the total welfare of Senior citizens irrespective of religion, caste and community. HRD in the area of Geriatrics is one of the felt needs in this part of the country also, as in other parts of the world. With this view in mind, the KMM Academy of Health Sciences is engaged in training and research. The Academy offers a Diploma course in Geriatric Care especially for medical doctors and Para-medical staff. The Academy also offers a diploma course in Counseling and Guidance with special emphasis on geriatric counseling.

   Motivated by the International developments in the field of Gerontology and Gerontechnology, the Center provides facilities for emotional, physical and mental well-being of senior citizens through curative, preventative, medical and psychological services. A variety of programmes are organized here utilizing the wisdom, experience and expertise of senior citizens in their respective fields of activity for the common good of the public is one of the unique features of this centre. The centre is used in a beautiful, spacious Building Complex, blended with traditional and modern architecture in a well laid out campus in the city limits of Kochi, the industrial and commercial city of Kerala.


The center is conceived as an International Center for effective collaboration with national and international organizations for the welfare of the senior citizens. The Center also intends to provide a comfortable and accommodating meeting point for individuals and organizations working in the field.